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This is a blogspot which will serve as a Restaurant Review for our Monthly Dinner Club. We are based in Cape Town and have visited restaurants since January 2001. Each month, one of the Organisers selects a new restaurant with the only rule being that it is not allowed to be a venue that the Monthly Dinner Club or one of the Organisers have frequented before.

Sunday, December 31, 2017



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Roster 2017 / 2018:
Jun - Nadine, Jul - Linda, Aug - Carol, Sep - Janine, 
Oct - Lucy, Nov - Gathry, Dec - Kerry, Jan - Nadine, 
Feb - Linda, Mar - Carol, Apr - Janine, May - Lucy, 
Jun - Gathry, Jul - Kerry

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Sunday, June 04, 2017



Address: Grootwater Farm, R27, Yzerfontein

Tel: 022 492 2998

Date: 4 June 2017 at 12:30pm (Sunday Lunch)

Organised by: Kerry

Patrons: Ana-rita, Keegan (Birthday Boy), Benjamin, Adrian, Kerry, Niel, Amber, Amie, Janine, Lucy, Mike, Grace, Bill, Claudia, Brian, Fiona, Chris


- Lovely venue and loads of interesting places to walk around. Potato & leek soup absolutely lovely. enjoyed Eland burger.

- Very cool, different place. Food a bit bland.

- Nice place but oxtail was not good at all and pie was too bland.

- Lovely setting, well priced food. Big portions. Enjoyed the stay over as well. Can recommend the eland sausage at breakfast!

- Enjoyed the setting. Felt a bit guilty having the eland after seeing a few in the bush this morning. The eland burger with blue cheese sauce was great.

- Game pie was good. Good catching up with the group.

- Oxtail not tasty - very bland & only 2 boney pieces with little meat. Creme brulee - on the menu described a caramel topping but it was the normal caramelised sugar on top, I was expecting something different!

- Pesto pasta - good. Choc torte - delish!

- Ben: It is good!

- Happy Birthday Keegan!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Man Ho Restaurant

Man Ho Restaurant

Address: Shop No 16-19, Link Road, Parklands, Table View

Tel: 021 556 9067

Date: 29 April 2017 at 7pm

Organised by: Gathry

Patrons: Annien, Marlene, Amie, Kerry, Niel, Amber, Juriga, Vannessa, Gathry, Janine, Lucy


- Chicken feet (served hot) was tasty. Peking Duck (Sushi Menu) in pancakes was good. Separate room for our booking was a nice touch! Several menus available and large menu selection on each menu, which is not good if you are indecisive. However, we ordered different meals for the table to share which worked well as got to taste a variety of the food. Major flashing lights outside of restaurant - looks like red light district:-)

- Crispy pork - good but a bit of a bite. Sushi special - buy one get one of the same price (colour) free.

- Sushi good. Great to share all food & lots of different tastes. Nice atmosphere in private room.

- Nice being in private room. Good idea to order various options & share. Great food, worth a visit.

- Love the change!! Much fun, good food, new experiences! Fantastic.

- Very good food!

- Nice & interesting.

- Food was very good. Service also good.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Street Kitchen

The Street Kitchen

Address: 14 Wellington Road, Durbanville

Tel: 081 063 6567

Date: 1 April 2017

Organised by: Lucy

Patrons: Ana Rita, Lucy, Mike, Grace, Patrick, Johan, Janine, Nadine, Amie, Linda, Shawn, Marlene


- Yummy food, laid back atmosphere!

- Good pizza. Great music. Nice "kuier plek".

- Great food and great company. Fabulous!!

- Good food. Great relaxed atmosphere. Great evening.

- Great food & company - great evening.

- Great food. Relaxed atmosphere. Good music.

- Great caramel pancakes.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Rare Grill

Rare Grill

Address: 166, 2nd Ave, Kenilworth

Tel: 076 460 0423

Date: 3 March 2017

Organised by: Janine

Patrons: Johan, Patrick, Amie, Mike, Lucy, Janine


- Good food, fab atmosphere and company.

- Chille Fillet superb - service not great but acceptable. Great evening all round.

- Bone marrow delicious. Great steak - beautifully done. Cosy spot.

-  Ribs not so great, promised 'fall off the bone' but it wasn't! Bone marrow starter ok!

- Sirloin on the bone - too much sinew but pepper sauce was good. Sweet potato mash was delicious!

- Dom Pedro's were good.

- Complimentary  chocolate vodka's very good.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Franschhoek Station Pub & Craft Bar

Franschhoek Station Pub & Craft Bar

Address: 4 Main Road, Franschhoek

Tel: 021 876 3938

Date: 5 February 2017 at 12h30 (Sunday Lunch)

Organised by: Linda

Patrons: Tony, Carol, Megan, Adrian, Charnel, Amie, Fiona, Chris, Lucy, Grace, Ana Rita, Linda, Shawn, Hayden, Ethan, Niel, Kerry, Amber, Lexi, Tokara


- Nice beer shandy!

- Eisbein and chips delicious! Good value for money as enough for take away. Chips very nice.

- Probably the best pizza I have ever had. Comfortable, easy atmosphere. Food delivery was fast. Happy :-)

- Oh. My. Hat! Awesome food! And just so great with all the friends around the table!

- Very nice setting. Good schnitzel.

- Ordered Eisbein, not that impressed, have had much better. But great setting!

- Lovely venue. Starters basket very nice & loads of food.

- Good Eisbein & great chips!

- Parma ham and avo & feta pizza was good & fantastic friends.

- Good atmosphere and loads of food!

- Eisbein was pretty average to be honest. cool place, just expected more.

- Eisbein was big and tasty. Awesome company, good venue.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Brad's Grill

Brad's Grill

Address: 69 2nd Avenue, Claremont

Tel: TBA

Date: 2 December 2016

Organised by: Nadine

Patrons: Lucy, Mike, Janine, Claudia, Brian, Ana Rita, Carlos, Elsa, Carol, Anthony, Phillip, Erika, Ethan


- Blue cheese chilli poppers were great!

- Deep fried haloumi was great.

- Kabeljou was very nice. Veg & chips very abundant. Snails also very nice.

- Ribs fell off the bone - delicious.

- Shrimp & Avo starter - great.

- Prawn Gumbo delicious. Excellent steak. Nice spot.

- Very, very good service. Owner awesome. Messed up with my meal and the Owner made it right!

- Food was amazing. Good service, best company ever.

- Signature Dish: Pepper fillet was delicious.

- Ok, everybody raves about the pepper steak, but they were right. Incredible!

- COB: the fish was perfectly grilled, melt in your mouth with lemon butter sauce. Very good!

- Rump steak very tender. Co fantastic as usual, mushroom starter - worth it.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Maria's Greek Restaurant

Maria's Greek Restaurant

Address: 31 Barnett St, Dunkley Square, Gardens

Tel: 021 461 3333

Date: 28 October 2016

Organised by: Lucy

Patrons: Lucy, Mike, Ana Rita, Nadine, Janine, Linda, Shawn, Marlene, Fiona, Chris, Carol, Anthony 


- Freshly squeezed orange & pineapple juice mix, yum!

- Lamb Youvetsi was delicious (rice pasta and lamb slow cooked dish).

- Moussaka good, lovely atmosphere, Tiropita delicious.

- Lamb Maria was a healthy portion of food. Delish!

- Oh, what do you do with a Lamb Maria? Awesome food!

- This place is really good! First impressions are of a simple hipster joint, but the food defies logic. Simply superb!

- Starters - Yay - Main - Ok - Dessert - Fantastic. Coffee - Awesome, Toilets - Hectic. Company 100% fabulous.

- Starters were great. Very filling & tasty.

- Ravani dessert delicious!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Portuguese Taverna

Portuguese Taverna

Address: Paarden Eiland, Industrial Area

Tel: TBA

Date: 01 October 2016 - Lunch Time

Organised by: Gathry & Janine

Patrons: Johan, Patrick, Janine, Lucy, Mike, Grace, Vannessa,  Gathry, Jurica, Ana-rita 


- Eisbein was very good. Need more waitresses.

- Food was not good + I was invisible!!

- Food ok but needs to get organised.

- Grilled bacalau was not deboned and not worth the price.

- Chilli poppers with chorizo was a good starter.

- Chilli poppers ok. Sardines - na...

Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Ocean Sizzler

The Ocean Sizzler

Address: Eden on the Bay

Tel: TBA

Date: 03 September 2016

Organised by: Kerry

Patrons: Carol, Anthony, Claudia, Janine, Lucy, Mike, Grace 


- Sushi starter (tuna reloaded) was good.

- Lemon butter prawns were very tasty!

- Avo ritz was an avo cut in half with shrimp sauce. Make an effort and unpeel it and fan it out.  Just a bit of pride and client satisfaction in future.

- I had some sushi which was nice and a starter portion of friend calamari which was very small but tasty. Very few people, bad sangria but quite ok.

- Pizza was good and the live music was enjoyable and my kind of music.

- At the risk of sounding like a whinger, I'll spare the details. My recommendation - find somewhere else for dinner.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rusty Oak Bistro

Rusty Oak Bistro

Address: Durbanville

Tel: TBA

Date: 30 July 2016

Organised by: Linda

Patrons: Linda, Shawn, Carol, Tony, Sjianette, David, Nadine, Amie, Lucy, Mike, Grace, Marlene 


- Very yummy! Braise beef, short ribs... now gonna have pumpkin pie...

- Pork belly was a bit dry. Cauli mash was great.

- Pork belly was so tender yum. Very noisy with bar  next to us.

- Really good steak with lovely red wine jus. Looking forward to apple crumble.

- The food was really nice, the lady with the witch shrill was a bit of a pain. No jokes could be that funny all the time. Seriously, next time don't put a table of patrons right by the bar. (She wanted ti get laid)

- Food was excellent - the lemond was the perfect pairing for the eisbein! Risotto balls were excellent too!

- Chicken schnitzel was delicious. Hubby had a tender piece of eisbein but a bit on the fatty side. Waiting for warm chocolate run & raisin pudding.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Tiger's Milk

Tiger's Milk

Address: Century City

Tel: TBA

Date: 1 July 2016

Organised by: Janine

Patrons: Lucy, Mike, Amie, Monique, Garth, Carol, Anthony, Brian, Claudia 


- Awesome cocktails! I had frozen margarita and it had fresh mint and lemon rind! Perfection**.

- Dry martini (tanqueray) - like my humour.

- Tiger's milk lager - stunning craft beer.

- Strawberry daiquiri delicious and freezing.

- Graham beck pinotage & the big cheese burger.

- Correction** The Waiter brought me a mojito not a margarita.

- Crumbed calamari - delicious.

- Avo, bacon & feta pizza - awesome.

- Harf and harf pizza = pulled pork & roast lamb, ore----sum!

- I had the burger but ate most of my husband's pizzza because it was orsum! the burger was ... meh!

- Ribeye was still mooing but nice...

- Brian's burger was cold. Vibey place. Music a little loud. Calamari starter very yummy & best steak ever! Awesome cheese cake with crispy base. Really enjoyed!

- Pizzza was delicious - thin base and can order half pulled pork and half lamb. Delish! Margarita was great too.

- Vibey, buzzing, loud, hip. Everything I absolutely hate about a restaurant - but the food was astounding! I would endure the pain of hipster just for the chips!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Tasca de Belem

Tasca de Belem

Address: Waterfront

Tel: TBA

Date: 4 June 2016

Organised by: Nadine

Patrons: Lucy, Mike, Grace, Nadine, Gidea, Marius, Annien, Marlene, Amie, Janine 


- Catch of the day was yellowtail and very yummy.

- Must order sides separately as none included with mains. Calamari was divine.

- Calamari was divine.

- Mussel starter = perfection, delicious sauce (almost like a chowder).

- Calamari very nice.

- Chicken livers delicious.

- Turkish frikadelle very disappointing.

- Pasteis de nata recommended.

- Generous portions. Divine calamari. Trinchado recommended. Mediterranean surprise delicious. Nice place.

Saturday, April 30, 2016



Address: Burgundy Estate

Tel: TBA

Date: 30 April 2016

Organised by: Lucy

Patrons: Lucy, Claudia, Brian, Janine, Nadine, Johan, Patrick, Annien, Marlene, Amie 


- "Do you want wet or dry paella?" - never been asked this at dinner club before.

- Berenjena al horno (brinjals in cheese) was delicious. Best brinjals i have ever tasted. Paella mixta was great!

- Starter Jarman serato was excellent. Pork belly is wonderful and crackling delicious. Fantastic restaurant.

- Squid starter good. Steak lovely. Great place - worth a visit.Excellent company.

- Yummie. Queso fritas cheese balls as a starter, followed by the Vientre de cerdo (wood fire grilled pork belly) - will have it again!

- Highly recommended. Calamari tender and tasty,

- Queso fritas starter - great. Pork ribs were absolutely delish. Lovely evening - lots of laughs.

- Paella was nice. Good company.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bistro on the Beach

Bistro on the Beach

Address: Beach Road, Melkbos

Tel: TBA

Date: 28 March 2016

Organised by: Kerry

Patrons: Mike, Lucy, Grace, Janine, Nadine, Amie, Kerry, Niel, Amber, Zizipho, Patrick, Johan, Michelle, Immo, Cindy 


- Food took a long time.

- Food good, took awhile.

- Food was great (ample portions) but a bit too salty. We will be back!

- Calamari and chorizo starter was delicious. Mussels moon was recommended and definitely a must. And can't beat the view.

- Food was good. Service a little slow. Very good and great atmosphere!

- Good view, food took long but amazing (food).

- Da Bomb burger very good. Huge portion. 

- Mexican stud burger also great.

Saturday, February 27, 2016



Address: Cape Quarter

Tel: TBA

Date: 27 February 2016

Organised by: Gathry

Patrons: Gathry, Vannessa, Branston, Mitchell, Mike, Lucy, Jordan, Grace, Janine, Carol, Lyn 


- 'Singing the Blues' burger was tasty but needed more blue cheese. Carrot cake was delicious!

- Breakfast was tasty, but let down by the aggressively mediocre service.

- Burger was good but waiter needs more experience.

- Food on the salad bar was excellent. Service very slow.

- Salad bar great variety but can be pricey when weighed.

- Bacon and banana burger was delicious. Big portion.

- Carrot cake: F*ck that was good!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Ton Khoon

Ton Khoon

Address: Tyger Waterfront

Tel: TBA

Date: 29 January 2016

Organised by: Janine

Patrons: Gathry, Vannessa, Mike, Lucy, Marlene, Nadine, Amie, Kerryn, Coenie, Ana-rita, Ana-marie, Carol, Anthony, Janine


- Chicken dim sum was very tasty. Recommend the basil crispy pork - delicious!

- Tom yum was very tasty, but they could have strained all the inedible bits out first. Chilli pork was great, but the meat was a little sparse.

- Chicken satay was yummy. Sushi was good quality especially because they used proper large egg caviar on the salmon roses. A bit on the pricey side though.

- Chicken satay was good.

- Cashew pork stir fry was yummy.

- Wonderful, delicious food and great company. Best sweet and sour pork I've had in ages.

- Beautiful decor. Lovely food. Sushi pricey, but delicious. And Phad Thai an absolute winner. Definitely recommend a visit.

- Very good food. A bit of a wait but worth it. Hot is hot!

- Phad Thai was delicious and platter for two was unique. Curry was not worth R179. was very flavourful but portion size was too small.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friends Christmas Dinner

Friends Christmas Dinner

Address: The Mullers

Tel: TBA

Date: 19 December 2015

Organised by: Linda

Patrons: Shawn, Linda, Carl, Clarissa, Carol, Anthony, Fiona, Chris, Vannessa, Cindy, Ana Rita, Amie


- Friends Christmas dinner hosted by Shawn and Linda. Thanks Linda and Shawn. Chicken potjie and accompaniments were plentiful and delicious. Secret Santa gifts were a fun element and enjoyed by all.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Jerry's Burger Bar

Jerry's Burger Bar

Address: Athens Road, Table View

Tel: TBA

Date: 27 November 2015

Organised by: Nadine

Patrons: Nadine, Janine, Amie, Gathry, Vannessa, Branston, Mitchell


- Definitely the new local hotspot! Busy but nice and vibey, Lovely cocktails! Gluttony burger was divine! Very filing. The new place to visit.

- Burgers are amazing. Very friendly waitress and the assistant manager is fabulous.

- Fabulous food and cocktails. Very friendly staff and great atmosphere. Will definitely go back again.

Friday, October 30, 2015



Address: Tyger Falls

Tel: TBA

Date: 30 October 2015

Organised by: Lucy

Patrons: Mike, Lucy, Immo, Michelle, Janine, Carol, Charnel, Amie, Marlene


- We had the burgers and they were delicious. This place has a great vibe and big tv screens. Not for a quiet romantic evening. Super company except the dentistry experiences!

- Paprika peppers were fabulous! Steak is huge but very flavorsome - worth it! Nice, vibey spot.

- Tapas were extremely tasteful especially the Arancini & Pork belly.

- Good vibe. Food (tapas) very tasty. Zucchini fritters were very good - something different. Great company as always.

- Huge texan steak.

- Bacon jam burger was great!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Avontuur Estate

Avontuur Estate

Address: Stellenbosch

Tel: TBA

Date: 27 September 2015 - lunch time

Organised by: Kerry

Patrons: Garth, Monique, Fiona, Chris, Amie, Niel, Kerry, Michael, Janine, Amber, Lexi


- Mushroom soup starter was good but chicken main was dry, very disappointing. Presentation looked good though.

- Pork steak was very tasty. Looking forward to desert - milk tarty stewed fruit thingy.

- Lovely mushroom soup starter. Beef fillet excellent. Looking forward to deep fried ice cream. Busy place. Good service. Waitress very knowledgeable & friendly.

- I once saw a man walking down a busy road, pole over the shoulder suspending a cloth  bag at the end. A man like this has very little appreciation of the nuances of gastronomy, one would assume. But as we know, assumption is not a preferred science, experience counts for much more. Hence, my experience more than my opinion is what I express. Food and wine, as opposed to revenge is best served warm to hot as company maketh the meal. Today that is what coloured the gastronomic experience, both from the waitress and the group.As for my duck, it certainly passed muster, being tender and moist within, while crisp without. Accompanied by an excellent 2011 shiraz, emblazoned with awards, how could I say any more than excellent?

- Chicken dish was incredible and very tasty - I need to come back!

- Dessert was delicious. Wine superb! The duck was crisp and tender.

- Creme brulee delicious.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Beijing Orchard

Beijing Orchard

Address: Waterfront

Tel: TBA

Date: 02 August 2015 - lunch time

Organised by: Janine

Patrons: Amie, Nadine, Janine, Kerryn, Coenie, Lucy, Mike, Grace, Garth, Monique, Gay, Ken


- Cashew chicken very salty. 

- Sizzling beef delicious.

- Tempura prawn sushi starter & litchi chicken delicious.

- Beautiful venue. Good sushi!

- Peking duck was good.

- Big servings, chicken cashew delicious. Good company.

- Great company - angry duck should have been more angry. Slightly mild.

- Mmm service a bit slow. Angry duck was only mildly bemused... and cold.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Olive Restaurant & Bistro

The Olive Restaurant & Bistro

Address: 22A Church Street, Durbanville

Tel: 021 975 5082

Date: 04 July 2015

Organised by: Linda

Patrons: Shawn, Linda, Amie, Ana-Rita, Carol, Tony, Marlene & Nadine


- Lekker vibe. My food was a bit salty (asked waiter to tell kitchen) but still tasty.

- Carbonara was extremely tasty and SA pizza was very good.

- Trinchado was un-f***ing believably good! OMG!!!

- A wonderful meal. Carbonara tasty and plenty. Lots of great company.

- Great Company. Pasta great – bit salty.  Let’s wait for the Don Pedro…

- Moroccan pizza very good. Poppadews delish. Very vibey and casual.

- Great vibe – lovely fire inside. Unfortunately didn’t have tentacles, but salmon fishcake starter was huge. Namibian pizza was absolutely delicious!  Looking forward to churros (dessert).

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Hussar Grill

The Hussar Grill

Address: Willowbridge

Tel: 021 914 0757

Date: 29 May 2015

Organised by: Nadine

Patrons: Janine, Amie, Marlene, Nadine, Ana Rita


- Rump steak and creme brule fantastic. Great service. Lots of waiters. Bit pricey.

- Nice venue. Excellent service. Tomato soup & sirloin steak really very good. Will recommend.

- Excellent service. Calamari strips very tender. Chicken parmesan delicious with creamy mustard sauce. Enjoyable evening & company.

- Good fast service. Bit expensive. Food good.